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The driving force behind the mutual success of our B2B customers and VOV

Speed & be First

No.1 healthcare robot deployed

Salvator Tech


1st CLEANROOM contractor to successfully launch and handover FM approved PIR panels in 2016



1st CLEANROOM contractor to attain ISO 45001



No.1 highest material transfer CLEANROOM lift at 16 metres



1st NEBB (Thailand) certified firm to have tested more than 500,000 m2 of CLEANROOM



1st flooring vender to attain Certified Installation Manager (USA)



Why Us?

Why us

Integrity- The constant in our business. Without integrity, Nothing else truly matter

Our customer, always our customer

After-sale service and pre-sale are equally important in our CRM. None of our customers shall be left behind

20 years+ Expertise & Experience

Our team of professionals are backed up by accreditations from premier international organizations of good standing. Our customers deserve the best

Fast, Scalable, and Reliable

We always adapt to get faster, simpler and better solution for our customers. We have a perfect 100% customer satisfaction record

VOV Connect

Our global network seeks out cutting edge technology and new innovative products for our customers. Our customers success are ours as well


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