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Common Questions

Robotics & IoT

  • How to contact Robotics & IoT ?

    [email protected]

  • What is temi ?

    temi is the world’s first, truly intelligent robot and it can be customised as you wish. A personal assistant who can remind you of your meetings, guide you to the meeting room, call your family when you are not home and lead you to the specific aisle in the supermarket

  • What can temi do ?

    temi can be customised as you wish. It can be a waitress to take the order for you, can be at the welcome spot to greet customers or can guide you to the locations such as the aisle in the supermarket / meeting room in your office.

  • Where is temi from ?


  • How big is temi ?

    39in H x 14in W x 18in D
    100cm H x 35cm W x 45cm D

  • How much does temi weight ?

    12 kg

  • How long the warranty last ?

    1 year from the date of confirmed delivery

  • What services Robotics and IoT provide ?

    We provide the service from zero until temi can walk and do its job 100% completely. This will include setting the map, locations, paths, developing a customised application for temi and exceptional after-sale service onsite.

  • Can I customize temi ?

    Yes, you can customize your temi’s wallpaper using the temi app. We will also be releasing a skill store for even more customization options. Developers can create new apps for temi using its SDK.

  • Does temi constantly follow me around ?

    temi’s “follow” feature is activated by voice or by a tap on its interaction button. When this feature is not activated, temi won’t follow you.

  • Does temi recognize me ?

    At this point temi recognizes that a human is in front of it however does not know who. We will be introducing facial and voice recognition in the near future.

  • Does temi bump into objects ?

    temi is unlike other in-home robots like robotic vacuums and such. It is built to understand its environment, to avoid dynamic and static obstacles, it learns how to bypass the obstacle and recalibrate its path accordingly to reach a desired location. It may occur that temi confuses certain colors, objects and reflections and bump into certain items. With each software update temi’s navigation skills improve drastically.

  • How stable or strong is temi ?

    temi is designed to not tip over with normal usage. temi’s tray holds up to 3 kilos or 6 pounds which allows you to carry small items from one room to the other.

  • Does temi have a battery ?

    Yes, temi has a Lithium Ion battery which lasts upto 8 hours of continuous use.


  • How to contact cleanroom ?

    [email protected]

  • What is Cleanroom ?

    Cleanroom is used to control an extremely low level of pollutants such as micro particle, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, chemical vapors, and even virus which might adversely affect the manufacturing process in factory or virus restrictions in hospitals. VOV provides a complete process of cleanroom project. Consulting services, designs, and installations, and testing for small-to-large scale projects can be done here right at one place. As well as, we deliver high-quality products specially using for cleanroom.

  • What services Cleanroom provides ?

    Consulting services, designs, installations, and testing for small-to-large scale projects.

  • What does Cleanroom Testing do ?

    To ensure your cleanroom meets international standard and regulations, our company with NEBB certified experts is ready to deliver you high quality equipment, instrumentation, and services.

  • What does Cleanroom Project do ?

    We start building your project from zero until its completion. With our expert team in cleanroom-related service. We provide consulting services, designs, engineering, installations, and testing for any small or large projects.

  • What does Cleanroom Consumables do ?

    In cleanroom, any small things can create such huge impact. Every matter using in cleanroom must be special that is why we brought in the premium quality goods that is made specially for cleanroom usage here.

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